Success Stories

When Hurricane Irma rocked the U.S. Virgin Islands, AeroMD welcomed the American Red Cross to take over their St. Thomas membership office.

AeroMD Provides Base for American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts

AeroMD is in disaster response mode, doing everything we can to help those injured during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We are tapping all of our resources during this crisis, including personnel and medical equipment.

AeroMD Saving Caribbean Hurricane Victims

Members Now Receive Discounts on Groceries, Gas and Auto Parts in the U.S. Virgin Islands

AeroMD Unveils WIN Discount Program for Members

Today U.S. Virgin Islands-based AeroMD officially put a Cessna Citation Bravo jet into service, as its primary and dedicated medevac aircraft. The upgraded plane is a prime addition to the AeroMD fleet, in conjunction with aviation partner Bohlke International Airways. The new plane will offer AeroMD members in need of medical airlift, the ability to arrive faster to their medical facility destination. It also opens options to travel to more hospitals and specialty centers at greater distances without a refueling stop.

AeroMD Adds Advanced Medevac Aircraft to USVI-Based Fleet

April is Autism Awareness Month. In recognition, we interviewed Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lindsy Wagner and ABA Specialist Andrea Purdome of Island Therapy Solutions about a new program to help adults with autism in the U.S. Virgin Islands community.

Autism Awareness Month – St. Croix’s Island Therapy Solutions Starts Life Skill and Job Training Program for Adults with Autism

New physician to the islands, Dr. Stelnicki, will serve as a resource for accident victims and brings modern medicine options for USVI pediatric patients.

New USVI Physician Brings Modern Treatment Options for Pediatric Patients

The St. Croix Senior Collaborative recently began teaching a national fall prevention program called A Matter of Balance. Program goals are to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among seniors at-risk for such accidents. The course seeks to prevent slips by training participants (60 or older) reliable mobility techniques.

St. Croix Senior Collaborative Offers Program Free to Seniors, Seeks To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

An increasing number of retirees are adventure travelers, boldly going to isolated corners of the world. And why would you not? At a time where GPS, cell phones and the internet enable you to call for help and share your precise location instantaneously, you can travel to medically under-served parts of the globe with peace-of-mind. Gone are the days of needing a paper map and a land line, to be safe when you travel around the Caribbean.


We interviewed St. Croix based Epidemiologist Dr. Esther Ellis, to get the most current and locally-specific information on the Zika virus. Her husband, Dr. Brett Ellis, is the territorial laboratory director. Learn more about risks, symptoms and free testing.

Zika Virus in the Caribbean: An Interview with Dr. Esther Ellis

Caribbean Yachting season starts this month, be prepared for any situation. When Yachting from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, count on AeroMD. To follow are recommendations of Caribbean Yachting events to attend; what to do in case of a medical emergency during your travels; the best islands to add to your custom itinerary; logistic recommendations; and weather resources.


The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrusts) is a three-step emergency response technique that can save a life in seconds.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver in 6 Different Situations

Each year, over 300,000 Americans die from heart disease. The importance of CPR training cannot be stated strongly enough. Heart attack is the most common cause of death in adults.

The Importance of CPR Training

"Representatives of AeroMD, a critical care air ambulance service, promised to revolutionize emergency medical transport in the Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean"

Air Ambulance Service AeroMD Brings Two Planes to St. Thomas

"Our service provides emergency care similar to what patients would receive at a trauma center, intensive care unit or emergency room - and we provide it in the air," AeroMD president and chief medical officer, Dr. Brendan Anzalone said in a prepared statement. "Our mission is to save lives throughout the region."

AeroMD Launches Air Ambulance Service

On Tuesday evening, AeroMD was pleased to host a dinner and mini Carnival celebration as part of the 22nd Annual USVI Destination Symposium, according to a press release AeroMD issued on Thursday.

AeroMD Hosts Mini Carnival at USVI Symposium