Superior Air Ambulance Service

AeroMD differentiates itself from other air ambulance providers with on-island aircraft, modern medical equipment and a Caribbean-based medical team.


The first question a patient or their companion should ask a potential air ambulance service is where their aircraft are headquartered.  Patients should not have to waste precious hours waiting for a plane to relocate from the U.S. mainland to the Caribbean during a medical emergency.

The AeroMD fleet is powered by strategic aviation partner, Bohlke International Airways, the authority on Caribbean aviation for nearly 60 years.  This partnership allows AeroMD to keep aircraft headquartered in the Caribbean with round-the-clock access to fuel and expert aircraft maintenance.  The highly-experienced pilots on the AeroMD / Bohlke team are prepared 24/7/365 to fly medical evacuation flights when patients need urgent medical attention.  Day, night or even during inclement weather, this team can safely fly patients to their destination medical facility with two pilots at the controls.

AeroMD aircraft are capable of operating medical evacuation missions for up to four patients simultaneously.  In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the fleet expanded to accommodate the emergent needs of the medically under-served Caribbean.  The AeroMD /  Bohlke group of aircraft includes multiple Citations and an Astra jet.

Air Ambulance Citation

Photo Credit: Lindsay Kammerzelt

Citation II 550

Jet – Cessna Citation Bravo


  • Max. Speed: 460 mph
  • Range: 1,587 nautical miles
  • (2) BAI Trained ATP Pilots on-board


  • Passenger Capacity: 5 People
  • 1 Medical Stretcher
  • 1 Rear-Facing Seat
  • 4 Forward-Facing Seats
  • 1 Belted Lavatory

Jet – Astra

Photo Credit: Lindsay Kammerzelt

Medical Equipment

The state-of-the-art medical equipment aboard each AeroMD aircraft, turns it into a flying intensive care unit (ICU).  This allows the AeroMD medical team to essentially replicate the care a patient receives in a modern emergency room.  Equipment and medicine on-board are customized to the patient needs on each specific medical mission.

AeroMD planes also boast mobile laboratories, which give the medical team instant results on a patient’s constantly changing condition.  This allows flight nurses and respiratory therapists to make vital changes to patient care in-flight.

Standard medical equipment on-board every AeroMD flight includes:

  • – Zoll X-Series cardiac monitor/defibrillators
  • – Carefusion EnVe Ventilators
  • – Alaris Minimed IV Pumps
  • – ECGs and monitoring units
  • – CPR equipment

Photo Credits: Lindsay Kammerzelt


Air Ambulance Stretcher

Photo Credit: Lindsay Kammerzelt


The AeroMD team is a Caribbean-based group of elite medical professionals.  Similar to a firehouse set-up, teams are on-call around-the-clock every day of the year, to take patients on life-saving evacuation missions.

Team member selection is a careful process to find the most elite medical professionals.  Medical flight experience is mandatory, along with expertise as a flight registered nurse or respiratory therapist.

When the AeroMD medical team is not running a medical evacuation mission, they train daily for every imaginable scenario.  They constantly have their hands on medical equipment to ensure expertise in the moments that matter most.  The AeroMD medical team also take shifts at an intensive U.S.-based training camp every year.

Unlike other air ambulance providers who may rely on a call list of medics seeking out availability in the precious moments a flight is needed, the AeroMD medical team constantly work and train together.  This familiarity with the skill sets and strengths of one another, allow them to seamlessly provide patient care at the highest level.

The AeroMD medical team is led by Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Brendan Anzalone.  A decorated military veteran, Dr. Anzalone spent many years in war zones rescuing injured soldiers from the front lines.  When he is not aboard AeroMD medical missions, he is in constant contact with the medical team via satellite phone.  Dr. Anzalone also maintains rounds at a level one trauma center in the U.S. mainland to keep his skills sharp and to stay abreast of new developments in emergency medicine.


Photo Credit: Lindsay Kammerzelt

AeroMD only utilizes FAR Part 135 approved Air Carriers to operate its aircraft.  Bohlke International Airways, Inc. (BIA) Certificate # FISA096A operates the current fleet. BIA has operational control of their respective aircraft at all times. At times, AeroMD may substitute an AeroMD primary aircraft with another licensed aircraft operated by an FAR Part 135 approved aircraft carrier with whom we have vetted and partnered.


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