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Did you know that falls and their resulting bone fractures constitute 42% of medical emergencies? Falls commonly generate serious health problems.

Give every day peace-of-mind. Get AeroMD air ambulance membership – fast, safe and reliable medevac service.


Fastest, most reliable, worldwide service. Give peace of mind to your everyday.

Why AeroMD?

AeroMD specializes in providing critical care services tailored to individuals, families, and groups who live or travel to remote locations, where healthcare resources are limited. The core of AeroMD is our Caribbean-based, 24/7, dedicated medevac service. Our fleet of aircraft was handpicked for operating in the Caribbean and are completely outfitted to serve as flying intensive care units.

All AeroMD aircraft are staffed by physician-directed industry experts, each with years of experience in air medical transport. They are stocked with state-of-the-art medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals, affording our clients the peace-of-mind that they and their loved ones will receive the highest level of critical care.

We have a highly dedicated and experienced team. With on-island aircraft, we are the fastest and most reliable air ambulance service in the Caribbean. We are fully licensed and insured, providing air ambulance service with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staff. Our air ambulance teams reach our patients faster than any other medevac service.

Derived from special operations medicine, the skills and experience of the AeroMD team were gained, forged, and battle-tested in the most remote and austere environments in the world.

It is our mission to bring expert critical care capability to our clients, whenever and wherever the need.

Fastest Response TimeS IN the Caribbean

Selecting the most qualified medevac service can be one of the most important decisions you make during an illness or emergency. An AeroMD air ambulance will be staffed around-the-clock, with a crew of two certified pilots, a critical care flight nurse, and a respiratory care practitioner (at minimum). The pilots and medical crews will be strategically staged, to allow for rapid response in the event that our services are required. Depending on patient needs, additional crew and capabilities are available.

Logistical support for the air ambulance will be provided through the AeroMD 24/7 communications center, based in the Caribbean. Shall the need for air medical transport arise, our medical teams will meet the client at a predefined hospital. Our communications center will work with the medical teams to provide comprehensive case management, including: ground transport; aviation; customs/immigration clearance; and navigation of any and all issues required to ensure mission success.

How our Air Ambulance System Works:

Air Ambulance Prep

MIssion Prep

The medical teams at AeroMD are unique and elite. They complete an extensive training process exclusive to the aeromedical environment and maintain additional proficiency in their respective fields.

Call for Air Ambulance Service

Your Call

Immediately after your call, we swing into action. As a provider, we do not need to find another aviation platform - our aircraft and expert medical teams are located right in the Eastern Caribbean. This allows you to avoid unnecessary waiting - saving precious time.

Air Ambulance Plane

your mission

In addition to our aircraft and crew, AeroMD carries a full complement of equipment composed of the most advanced technology available. This makes us capable of providing ICU-level care, specific to each air ambulance mission and all our patient’s needs.

awarding air ambulance

raising expectations

When we aren’t flying life-saving missions, we train for every scenario imaginable. As the Virgin Islands' first true air ambulance service provider, we are obsessed with raising your expectations of air ambulance service and care.


Fastest, most reliable, worldwide service. Give peace of mind to your everyday.

The FLEET THAT Gets you help fast

AeroMD’s Caribbean-based, on-island air ambulance fleet, includes a Citation II jet aircraft outfitted with advanced technology, making it a flying intensive care unit (ICU).

AeroMD has a total of three planes on-island ready for your call. Other air ambulance companies have no dedicated medevac planes in the USVI. That’s right … they have zero.

AeroMD also has a minimum of three medical personnel and two pilots on-island and on-call at all times. The competition has zero.

AeroMD has a fully-staffed communications center in the Caribbean with dedicated, trained professionals ready to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

You read correctly, a real person will answer your call no matter the hour.

"We as well as the staff at Miami General Hospital, were extremely impressed with the knowledge and skill of the AeroMD staff and the speed at which they were able to administer care and respond to the emergency.”

Bloice Family Patient

What is an Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is a specially outfitted aircraft that transports injured or sick people in a medical emergency or over distances or terrain impractical for a conventional ground ambulance. These and related operations are called aeromedical. In some circumstances, the same air ambulance aircraft may be used to search for missing or wanted people.

Like ground ambulances, air ambulances are equipped with medical equipment vital to monitoring and treating injured or ill patients. Common equipment for air ambulances includes medications, ventilators, ECGs and monitoring units, CPR equipment, and stretchers. A medically staffed and equipped air ambulance provides medical care in flight—while a non-medically equipped and staffed aircraft simply transports patients without care in flight. Military organizations and NATO refer to the former as medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) and to the latter as casualty evacuation (CASEVAC).


Fastest most reliable worldwide service, give piece of mind to your everyday.


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